On 4th of October, i had a little rush when yemz had asked me to join him for an engagement in Ipoh. On that night, Sani make an Open House at his house in Ampang not very far from Zoo Negara. after finished fulling my stomache with a lot of foods, we directly to Ipoh and it is not a good journey when my head a little bit dizzy and i had to sleep along the trip..when i woke up i already in front of Yemz’s gatehouse..

this engagement between Muaz n Zura was a happening day with a fantastic n sporting friends around them. Yemz and I finished shooting a little bit early so we continue our sleep back at home. Thanks to Yemz for inviting me for this engagement. congrates also for Muaz n Zura for the engagement. Hope to hear for your wedding soon!

‘when the time had come and the day will arrive’